THE 46ERS® takes pride in offering a positive community-driven group that focuses on building people as much as it does building amazing e46s. Launching in November of 2016 in Los Angeles, we have grown to membership in over 50 countries and counting.


With official THE 46ERS®  members around the world, we keep membership as simple as we can. To join the movement, visit our site and order your official THE 46ERS®decals. 

Our only requirements are owning an e46 (all models welcome!), and being respectful to all members of THE 46ERS® family.


THE 46ERS® have official members in nearly 50 countries and counting. Our primary goal is to connect members and other enthusiasts through events.

We have a series of meet-ups, photo shoots, caravans and cruises in different cities around the world. If you are a current member and would like to host an event, please visit the event page for details on hosting.


If you have questions, would like to join, or have any ideas, we would love to hear from you. Visit the contact page to get connected with THE 46ERS® team.

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