THE 46ERS® team was established November of 2016 in Los Angeles. The community was founded with the purpose of connecting e46 owners worldwide through events and experiences. 

The car scene is filled with ego and negativity. THE 46ERS® takes pride in offering a positive community-driven group that focuses on building people as much as it does building amazing e46s.

Our official THE 46ERS® events are a different take on car meets. Unlike many local "clubs" and organizations, our focus is on being inclusive, not exclusive. The amount of modifications or the cost of your wheels is not important. (Although we love a good build!) While our focus is on e46s, we welcome all other enthusiasts to attend our meet-ups/events and support the community. 

Since the beginning, THE 46ERS® Instagram page has been a carefully curated collection of e46 builds. Majority of our content is submitted by our members and each photo is tagged with car owners, photographers, and models. We take great pride in not accepting payments for features in our posts or stories. THE 46ERS® social media presence is about the cars and the community. 

We have a zero tolerance policy for bullying, trolling and hateful language. We do not support "takeovers" or disrespecting local authorities at our events. 

If you would like to join THE 46ERS® movement, visit our shop page to pick up some official decals and start repping THE 46ERS® family!


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